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The Pike Animal Shelter participates in the PetMeds Healthy Pet Donation Program.

The goal of the Troy Animal Shelter Coalition, Inc. / Pike Animal Shelter is to build and maintain a quality, accessible animal shelter that is a pillar in all animal welfare efforts and that adds value to the quality of life in our community.

While raising funds for the construction of a new facility, the organization sponsors adoptions in partnership with the City of Troy shelter facility, learning opportunities, and community activities that celebrate companion animals.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to adopt a dog at an adoption event. How much does it cost?

There is no adoption fee, but donations are always needed and welcome! At any TASC/PAS sponsored event, adopters must

  • be approved for adoption by an animal control officer
  • be at least age 18
  • sign a spay and neuter agreement
  • be prepared to accept the medical costs associated with owning a pet
  • provide a driver's license or other photo ID
  • Have a photo taken with the new pet
  • Be willing to accept a site visit from an animal control officer


How can I help?

I can't bring myself to go to the shelter because I would want to bring them all home!

Regardless of age, ability or interests, there is something you can do to help.

Join (membership dues will help built the new facility and fund programs), hold your own fundraiser or just ask that this year's birthday gifts be made to the shelter, check out the needs list, volunteer to assist at an event. Let us know, and we'll find a way for you to help.


Where will the money come from to build the shelter?

Funds will come from multiple sources including individuals, city and county governments, businesses, grants, and more. Some construction expenses will be met in the form of donated labor, materials and expertise.

Where will the shelter be built?

In the heart of the community at 800 Henderson Highway, between KW Plastics and Pike Equipment Rentals in Troy, Ala. This site was selected by the building and construction committee and the land was donated by the Walt Stell family in honor of his parents. The site offers appropriate zoning, water and sewer access, accessibility, visibility, potential for growth, and more.


Will the shelter kill animals?

The Pike Animal Shelter will have an “open arms” policy. The Shelter will not only accept animals with good prospects of finding homes, but it will also accept injured and sick dogs and cats in great need of help.

Many 'no kill' shelters have very limited admissions and can't help an unadoptable animal in great suffering. When a dog or cat is suffering or without realistic prospect of being domesticated and finding a home, the Pike Animal Shelter must give peace and dignity through euthanasia. Because this is so difficult, plans are in place to ensure dignity and kindness for all involved.

Of course, the goal is to save and care for as many animals as possible. The organization sponsors adoption programs in official partnership with the city of Troy, such as Bow Wow Pow Wow and the Pike Animal Shelter Fur Fest, and through the nationally recognized Petfinder web site.

When constructed, the shelter will also serve as a foundation for other animal welfare programs that reduce the number of strays.

Doesn't the city of Troy already have a shelter?

Yes, but it is inadequate.

The current facility does not provide adequate space, fresh air, or area for outdoor exercise. It is not in an accessible location, and visits are by appointment only, which decreases the likelihood of adoptions. The facility is also hard to clean and offers no accommodations for cats.

The new facility will not be opulent, but it will be a healthy, modern, accessible, positive environment for both the animals and those who wish to volunteer or adopt.

Why do we need a new shelter?

There are many reasons, including the
∙    Need for space to accommodate more dogs, along with cats
∙    Need for a space with fresh air and outdoor exercise for the animals
∙    Need for a space that is easily cleaned, managed and maintained
∙    Need for accessibility – both in time and location.


How much of my contribution will go toward the shelter?

All of it! The TASC has a conflict of interest policy to, among other things, prevent any individual from gaining financially, professionally or politically through association with TASC. If you would like a copy of this policy, please don't hesitate to ask.

We are proud of our financial record and happy to share information.

What laws govern animal shelters?

The state of Alabama has several shelter-related laws. For example, Alabama law stipulates how long animals must be held and also stipulates that animals adopted from a shelter must be spayed or neutered.

Once the shelter is built, how will it be sustained?

The shelter is an operating, nonprofit organization in partnership with the city of Troy. This administrative structure and business plan ensure ongoing oversight and maintenance.

Who will oversee the medical needs of the animals, and who decides what animals will be euthanized?

A medical advisory committee has been established to set policies and ensure that all medical practices meet the highest standards of care. This committee, with the Board of Directors, will ensure that euthanasia decisions are made wisely and with concern for the well being of animals.

How long will the shelter keep an animal before it is euthanized?

As long as possible.

Is the TASC against eating meat or wearing fur?

The TASC was formed specifically to build a central, modern, accessible animal shelter in our community, so it takes no position on eating meat, wearing fur, etc.

Can I ask more questions?
Please do! Contact us at